List Price Sheet


Valve List Price Sheet VPS-26 (Supersedes VPS-25), effective July 1, 2017, is available for download in PDF and Excel Format below.

Overview of changes made in VPS-26:

  1. All Industrial Series PVC & CPVC TUBV (page 4) and Super C Valves (page 7) are now certified to NSF/ANSI 61 and 372.
  2. VCR Center Cartridges have been discontinued.
  3. NEWLY Designed Molded Actuator Bracket for 3 & 4” TUBVs now featured on page 7 with other information regarding actuation.
  4. Industrial MIP valves above ¾” have been discontinued (page 10). See Super C Valves as substitute.
  5. Part numbers for replacement handles for 411 series Butterfly Valves (page 12) have been consolidated.
  6. NEW 411SV Butterfly Valves for Surge Tank Drain Lines (Commercial Swimming Pool/Water Park) 4 – 12” (page 15)
  7. SS Bolt sets for Butterfly Valves (page 17), and Butterfly Valve Contractor Kits, have been re-priced to meet market conditions.
  8. NEW 601N (2-1/2 – 6”) and 601NP (8 – 12”) PVC Wafer Check Valves (page 18). Wafer Check Contractor Kits have been repriced to meet market conditions.
  9. V40224B (page 19) is increased by 20% to correct for an error in the list price that was published in VPS-25.

Note: Slo-Close Ball Valves are on a separate List Price Sheet – see VPSC-7.

Price Sheet for Slo-Close Ball Valve VPSC-7

Effective July 1, 2017

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