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Installation, Operation and Maintenance Sheets

Ball Valves

Industrial Full Block Series

TUBV 801

Super C Compact Valve

MIP Compact Valve

Commercial Series TUBV

Replacement Handle for Commercial and Industrial MIP Compact Valves

Butterfly Valves

311N Butterfly Valve

411N Butterfly Valve

411SV Butterfly Valve

711N Butterfly Valve

Check Valves

True Union Ball Check Valve

Single Union Ball Check Valve

Swing Check

Spring Check Valve

Wafer Check 601N

Wafer Check 601NP

Slo-Close Series Valves

Slo-Close Series TUBV

HD Slo-Close & HP Slo-Close Series TUBV

Slo-Close Series Super C Compact Ball Valve

Lasco Slo-Close Valve Key Wrench

Best Practices Using Slo-Close Valves on Golf Course Laterals

Notice for Golf Course Maintenance Staff
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